The State of the Church


  1. Point
    1. We are in Good Hands

i.      God’s Provision

  1. God has provided more abundantly than we could imagine through this Body
    1. We exceeded our budget for the first time in many years.
    2. We gave more to missions than ever before
    3. The ministry of North Park is reaching out in numerous ways.
    4. God has given us ministries:
      1. Feeding children after school
      2. Feeding Families in a local neighborhood
      3. Nursery, Preschool, Children, Youth, College, Families, Seniors…there is ministry going on.
      4. Our responsibility:
        1. Faithfulness (living sacrifice)
        2. Be not conformed (not just a secular gathering under a building with a steeple)
        3. Be transformed

ii.      God’s Power

  1. Be reminded that the Power of HOLY GOD is on display through the church!
  2. The same God who has always existed is now empowering our church to reach this community!
  3. 3.       God’s power was not given to the church so we could be really effective at patting each other on the back!
  4. 4.       God’s power was not given to the church so that we could really enjoy each other’s cakes and pies
  5. 5.       God’s power was not given to us so we could be proud of our righteousness and shocked by the sin of others

iii.      God’s Providence

  1. Definition of providence:
    1. “The doctrine of divine providence, therefore had reference to that preservation, care and government which God exercises over all things He has created, in order that they may accomplish the ends for which they were created.” ISBE
    2. “The foreseeing and guardianship of God over His creatures…a manifestation of His divine care or direction” American College Dictionary
    3. Summarized providence is, “the divine intervention in the affairs of man within the confines of natural law to bring about God’s objectives”
    4. WARNING!!! CHRISTIAN CLICHÉ ALLERT!: Let us declare that the work of God at North Park…IS A GOD THING!
    5. We are in Good Company

i.      This is a faithful body of Believers: Attendance is growing,

ii.      This is a sweet fellowship of believers: you like being around other folks…and you like welcoming in new folks

iii.      This is a fruitful ministry of believers

  1. We are making disciples:
  2. I hear great stories of how God is at work in your life!
  3. Ask yourself this: Am I closer to the Lord now than I have ever been? Why or why not?
  4. We are in GOOD GRACES

i.      The Good grace of Christ is prompting me to continue in this ministry

ii.      The Good grace of Christ is prompting me to have GRACE like he has

iii.      The Good Grace if Christ is prompting us to LOVE people. (period)

iv.      The Good Grace of Christ is not condemning us, or shaming us, BUT PROMPTING us to serve!

  1. Close
    1. Everything we do should have a discipleship purpose

i.      Outreach…evangelism…proclamation…prayer…education

ii.      Sunday School, ministry teams, youth, children, senior adult groups

iii.      We are to be on mission…all the time…its what we were created for.

  1.  Continue to be transformed! Continue to grow! Continue to reach! Continue to SERVE! Continue to LOVE! Continue to BE what God is calling you to be in the core of your being…in that place where you find HIS peace…He is calling you to continue to FOLLOW HIM!
  2. And then you will find HIS GOOD PLEASEING AND PERFECT WILL.
  3. If you want to experience JOY…Experience THAT!

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